18 January 2018 | Customer

Virgin Australia announces voice-controlled services for Amazon Alexa

Virgin Australia today announced a new skill for Amazon Alexa, to provide guests with the ability to find out more flight information with the power of their voice. Alexa is a voice-controlled service that will seamlessly communicate with Virgin Australia through any Alexa-enabled device. This comes after Amazon today announced Alexa’s arrival in Australia and Amazon Echo devices are now available for pre-order.

Virgin Australia will initially launch two skills for Alexa, which will be available to customers to use with their Amazon Echo and Alexa-enabled devices from early February.

Virgin Australia’s skills will allow customers to have more control over their flight bookings and Velocity Frequent Flyer membership through the power of their voice. After enabling the skill, customers will be able to ask Alexa for information on their upcoming flight status , for example:

✈ “Alexa, ask Virgin Australia for the status of VA970 today”;
✈ “Alexa, ask Virgin Australia to find a flight status by cities”.

Velocity members will be able to link their account with Alexa and ask the following:

✈ “Alexa, ask Virgin Australia for my points balance”;
✈ “Alexa, ask Virgin Australia for the status of my next flight”;
✈ “Alexa, ask Virgin Australia what my boarding gate is ”; and
✈ “Alexa, ask Virgin Australia for my booking reference number”.

Virgin Australia Chief Information Officer, Cameron Stone said: “Virgin Australia is always looking for innovative technologies that make the travel experience easier for our guests, and we are very excited to be launching our own skills for Amazon Alexa.

“Alexa’s ability to provide real-time Virgin Australia information using the power of voice will empower our guests and make it simpler for them to plan their trip.

“We look forward to increasing the Virgin Australia features available for Alexa in the coming months,” Mr Stone said.

More information on how to use Alexa with Virgin Australia can be found at www.virginaustralia.com/alexa