21 May 2024 | Operations

Virgin Australia tops performance, launches status match offer

  • Virgin Australia has delivered a post-COVID record operating performance for both completion of scheduled flights and on time departures for the month of April.
  • The result follows the airline’s significant investment in managing operational performance in a more challenging post-COVID environment.
  • To recognise the achievement, Virgin Australia and Velocity Frequent Flyer have launched a Discover Gold Status Match offer.
  • Travellers who hold Gold Status and above of airline loyalty programs that are not Velocity partners are invited to apply by 11:59pm AEST this Friday 24 May 2024 to receive a Velocity Discover Gold trial membership.* The offer is limited to the first 3,000 eligible applicants.
  • Australian small and medium-sized businesses are also encouraged to join Virgin Australia Business Flyer to receive two Velocity Pilot Gold memberships (subject to spending criteria within the first 3 months), and the opportunity to earn Velocity Points for both their business and the individual traveller when they fly, with the program growing its membership five-fold over the past two years.
  • Velocity Frequent Flyer now boasts more than 12 million members – the equivalent of one member in every Australian household.

Tuesday 21 May 2024: Virgin Australia has recorded the best on-time performance and highest completion rates of any major Australian airline1 for the month of April, highlighting a strong trajectory and performance improvement over the last four months.

To recognise Virgin Australia’s continuing performance improvement, the carrier has launched a Discover Gold Status Match offer for up to 3,000 Velocity members who hold Gold, Platinum and above status from competing non-partner airline loyalty programs* to ‘hop’ on over to receive better value and rewards when they fly with the country’s most punctual major airline for April.

The elevation to highly sought-after Velocity Discover Gold Status will allow frequent flyers to enjoy the wonderful Virgin Australia experience for 3 months from complimentary Lounge access at all major domestic airports, a higher checked baggage allowance (excludes Lite fares), and priority boarding and priority seating.

Virgin Australia was recently awarded Best Cabin Crew for the sixth consecutive year against 350 airlines around the world, cementing Virgin Australia as not only being the most punctual of major Australian airlines for April, but also providing the best onboard service.

CEO Commentary

“We have been intensely focused on improving our performance whilst continuing to deliver great value and choice to Australian travellers,” Virgin Australia CEO, Jayne Hrdlicka said.

“April 2024 marked a return to pre-COVID levels of on-time performance and cancellations for Virgin Australia. The post-COVID recovery has been challenging for the aviation industry but it is promising to see reliability and on-time performance improve across Australian airlines.

“We know that on any given day various factors including weather, air traffic control, unscheduled aircraft maintenance, and crew resources can impact airline operations. But our ability to manage these disruptions has improved, while at the same time we have focused on simplifying our growing operation."

Speaking of the Discover Gold Status Match offer, Ms Hrdlicka said: “We know how important punctuality is for travellers, and so we are pleased to make it easier for frequent flyers to try Velocity Discover Gold to enjoy the most sought after benefits of the program, including complimentary Lounge access, while enjoying our reliability and wonderful service.”

Virgin Australia on time performance and completion rates return to pre-COVID levels

Virgin Australia was the most reliable of the major domestic carriers in April 2024 according to new data released today by the Bureau of Infrastructure and Transport Research Economics (BITRE), as operational performance returns to pre-COVID levels.    

Virgin Australia achieved an on-time departures rate of 82.6 per cent and completed 98.3 per cent of flights in April. Virgin Australia cancelled only 1.72 per cent of its scheduled sectors for April.

It was Virgin Australia’s best result in two years for both on-time performance and cancellations and marks an improvement of 26.4 and 6 percentage points respectively since December 2023.

Tired of the same old roo-tine? Make the switch to Velocity Gold in two easy steps 

  1. Join Velocity Frequent Flyer here or be an existing Velocity member;
  2. Be one of the first 3,000 eligible Velocity members to send an email to info@velocityfrequentflyer.com by midnight AEST this Friday 24 May 2024, containing full name, Velocity membership number and evidence of other valid non-partner airline frequent flyer membership card indicating the equivalent of Velocity Gold status or higher.*

To receive full Velocity Gold membership for 12-months after the end of the Discover Gold trial, the member is only required to fly on one eligible flight and earn 80 Status Credits (normally 500) during the 3-month Discover Gold trial membership.*  

Virgin Australia Business Flyer memberships grow five-fold as Australian small businesses opt for better value amid rising inflation

Virgin Australia continues to make inroads in the SME market (small to medium-sized business) with Virgin Australia Business Flyer growing its membership five-fold over the past two years, as businesses look for greater value airfares amid soaring inflation.

The program, targeted at the 2.5 million small businesses operating in Australia, provides some of the best value in the market; with perks including discounted airfares2 and the ability to double dip on Velocity Points by allowing employees to earn Points for themselves and the business every time they fly with Virgin Australia.3 More here.

Businesses who join Virgin Australia Business Flyer for free here, will receive two Pilot Gold Velocity Frequent Flyer memberships when they spend more than $2000 on travelled flights (excluding taxes and fees) within the first three months of joining.

For more information and to do the switch-a-roo, visit: https://www.velocityfrequentflyer.com/flying-status/flying-with-status/s...



General information on Velocity Frequent Flyer

  • Velocity Discover Gold Status benefits (subject to Velocity Membership terms and conditions):
    • Access to Virgin Australia domestic lounges with up to one eligible guest
    • Access to partner airline lounges, subject to eligibility and fare class;
    • Priority check-in and screening at major domestic airports;
    • Additional complimentary baggage (excludes Lite fares);
    • Preferential seating; and
    • Access to flexible flying ‘Fly ahead’ (on earlier flights on the same date where available and subject to fare class)
  • Virgin Australia Lounge network:
    • Brisbane
    • Melbourne
    • Sydney
    • Canberra
    • Gold Coast
    • Perth
    • Adelaide

Ways to boost your Velocity Frequent Flyer Points balance

All Points earn is subject to the Velocity membership terms and conditions and individual partner earn terms and conditions. Please see the Velocity website for more information.

  • Velocity e-Store - Shop over 200 brands and earn 2 Points per $1 spent on eligible purchases at most retailers. See special offers here and keep an eye out for bonus Points.
  • Everyday spending - The easiest way to earn Velocity Points is through everyday spending. You can earn by using your Flybuys card, and transferring Flybuys points to Velocity. Flybuys retailers include Coles Supermarkets, Coles Express, First Choice Liquor Market, Kmart, Liquorland, Officeworks, Target, and mycar.
  • Points earning retailers and airlines - You can earn Velocity Points with other brands like DiDi rideshare, AGL Energy, 7-Eleven, and through flying internationally from partner airlines including Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, United Airlines, Etihad, Air Canada and more.
  • Rewards programs - Build your Velocity Points by transferring accumulated points from your credit cards and hotel reward programs through Velocity’s partnerships with major banking and hotel groups.
  • Velocity Points earning Credit Cards - You could earn Points by signing up to a Velocity Points earning credit card with Velocity’s partners. You can find out more about current offers, here including a bonus Points offer worth up to 120,000 Points.


*Discover Gold Terms and Conditions

Frequent Flyer members of airlines which are not partners of Velocity Frequent Flyer (Velocity), that currently hold the equivalent of Velocity Gold Status and above with those non-partner airlines (and that have not held Silver, Gold or Platinum Status with Velocity since April 2020) (Eligible Velocity Members) are eligible to receive a Velocity ‘Switch-A-Roo Discover Gold’ Status match trial (full details below) and opportunity to maintain Gold. If an Eligible Velocity Member currently holds the equivalent of Velocity Platinum status or above, after the 3-month Switch-A-Roo Discover Gold trial, they will also have the option to fast-track to Platinum Status with Velocity for a period of 12 months by meeting the eligibility criteria outlined below.  Eligible Velocity Members must hold a valid Velocity membership to participate in this promotion.  

In order to receive the ‘Switch-A-Roo Discover Gold’ trial, Eligible Velocity Members must be one of the first 3,000 Eligible Velocity Members to apply by sending an email to info@velocityfrequentflyer.com between 00:00 AEST 21 May and 23:59 AEST 24 May 2024 (inclusive), that contains their name, Velocity membership number and photographic evidence of the membership card of the frequent flyer program that they have the equivalent of Velocity Gold Status or above with (Application). Eligible Velocity Members must submit this Application from the email address currently linked to their Velocity membership account. Please note that the Switch-A-Roo email address is only to be used for Applications and cannot be used for general enquiries or escalations, which should be directed through usual channels.  Only 3,000 Switch-A-Roo Discover Gold trials are available as part of this promotion, and only the first 3,000 eligible Applications will be awarded a Discover Gold trial. Velocity reserves the right to end this promotion at their discretion, based on the number of Applications received. It may take up to 4 weeks to receive the upgrade into Switch-A-Roo Discover Gold trial status.

‘Switch-A-Roo Discover Gold’ trial is a 3-month Gold Status trial in which Eligible Velocity Members receive some member benefits connected with Gold Status which include priority check-in, priority boarding, priority baggage & additional baggage allowance (not available when traveling on a Lite fare), access to Virgin Australia domestic Lounges (subject to space availability and the Lounge Terms and Conditions) and the ability to request to Fly Ahead (when travelling on a Business or Flex fare, subject to availability).

Eligible Velocity Members on a Discover Gold trial will continue to earn Status Credits, Points and Eligible Sectors in the same way as other members. Benefits that are not available in the Discover Gold trial include Gold member baggage tags, a physical membership card, complimentary partner memberships, guaranteed economy Reward Seats and membership pause for parental leave.

At the conclusion of the 3-month ‘Switch-A-Roo Discover Gold’ trial, Velocity will assess an Eligible Velocity Member’s eligibility to retain Gold Status or upgrade to Platinum Status.

If the Eligible Velocity Member is a Gold member of an eligible Frequent Flyer program and during the 3-month Switch-A-Roo Discover Gold period earned 80 Status Credits and flew at least 1 Eligible Sector, the Eligible Velocity Member will maintain Gold Status with Velocity for a further 12 months from the date of assessment.  

If the Eligible Velocity Member is a Platinum member (or above) with an eligible Frequent Flyer program and during the 3-month Switch-A-Roo Discover Gold trial period earned 200 Status Credits on flights with a VA flight number operated by Virgin Australia, the Eligible Velocity Member will receive Platinum Status for a period of 12 months from the date of assessment. Please allow for up to 8 weeks after the Discover Gold trial period for the Platinum Status upgrade to be processed and applied.  

If at the conclusion of the 3-month Discover Gold trial the Eligible Velocity Member is not eligible for either Gold or Platinum Status due to the above requirements not being met, the Eligible Velocity Member’s Status level will be assessed in accordance with the standard Velocity membership Terms and Conditions and the Eligible Velocity member will be downgraded to Velocity Silver Status for a period of 12 months from the date of assessment.  

Eligible Velocity Members who participate in this promotion are still able to maintain or upgrade their Status to the next Status level in accordance with the Velocity membership Terms and Conditions.  

Find out more about how to maintain or upgrade your Status level. This offer is not transferable. Any Status Credits and Eligible Sectors earned in a member’s Velocity account are subject to expiry after 12 months from earn.

1 Major Australian airlines are defined as Virgin Australia, Qantas and Jetstar.

2 The Fare Advantage Discount of 4% applies to domestic Flex fares (L, K, H, W, B, Y class) and 6% applies to domestic Business Class fares (D, C, J class) and is available to Virgin Australia Business Flyer members.  The Fare Advantage Discount levels are subject to change without notice. Please check our website for current discount levels.  Fare Advantage Discounts can only be booked through the Booking Portal, our Guest Contact Centre, or a registered self-ticketing Travel Management Company (TMC) or travel agent and are not available through the public Virgin Australia website. If your TMC or travel agent is not registered to process Fare Advantage Discounts, please instruct your TMC or travel agent to contact the Virgin Australia Business Flyer team at businessflyer@virginaustralia.com.  Fare Advantage Discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount and cannot be combined with any other Unpublished Fares or Promotional Fares. Fare Advantage discounts do not apply to any bookings made via the Virgin Australia conference and group travel area, sale fares or other tactical fares offered from time to time, and bookings for children and infants. If you have any questions regarding the application of Fare Advantage Discounts, please contact the Virgin Australia Business Flyer team. Virgin Australia Business Flyer Terms and Conditions apply. 

3 Virgin Australia Business Flyer Members can earn up to 1,000,000 Points from completed travel on eligible flights marketed and operated by Virgin Australia or marketed by Virgin Australia and operated by eligible airline partners, per annum, based on the rolling 12 month period from when the Member joins Virgin Australia Business Flyer. Points aren’t earned on certain fees, taxes, or charges.  Virgin Australia Business Flyer Terms and Conditions apply.