26 August 2014 | Customer

Virgin Australia launches new Online Check-In system

Virgin Australia today launched an enhanced online check-in system for domestic flights, giving customers more information and control over their booking when checking-in via smart phone, tablet or computer.

The new system, developed by the airline to integrate with the SabreSonic booking and check-in system, offers a simplified design, more functionality and tailored destination information including weather and tourism sights.

Using the new system, Virgin Australia customers will now be able to:

  • Enjoy the same check-in experience regardless of whether they use a desktop computer, tablet or mobile device
  • Check-in faster, with a more streamlined process that reduces the number of steps needed to process their booking
  • Generate an SMS or email boarding pass from their desktop computer, for the first time
  • Experience a more personalised service with weather and travel information relevant to the customer's destination shown on the check-in complete screen
  • Purchase additional baggage and extra leg-room during check-in for the first time
  • Experience new functionality for group bookings, particularly group leaders who can check-in their entire group before arriving at the airport.

Virgin Australia Chief Commercial Officer Judith Crompton said: "Up to 20,000 of our customers check-in online each day and we see consistent growth across all of our online check-in channels each month, making it a key part of our customers' experience.”

“Virgin Australia is continually working to make the overall flying experience more seamless for customers, from the time they book with us to the time they arrive at their destination.

“We know that remote check-in functionality is an extremely important feature and this latest innovation delivers a better experience and increased choice for customers, with an intuitive interface and a range of options to aid their journey", Ms Crompton said.

Virgin Australia was the first airline in Australia to offer boarding passes through iPhones and Android devices and is the only airline in the Asia Pacific region to offer Google Now boarding passes.

The new online check-in system is live today for mobile devices. The desktop and tablet version will be available to customers on Thursday 28 August 2014.

For more information, please visit http://www.virginaustralia.com/au/en/help/how-to-guides/how-to-check-in-online.