12 July 2021 | Customer

Virgin Australia CEO statement on success of VSS Unity 22 spaceflight

Virgin Australia Group CEO Jayne Hrdlicka has congratulated the airline's founder Sir Richard Branson and the Virgin Galactic VSS Unity 22 Mission Specialists on the success of the world's first passenger spaceflight.

"Congratulations to our founder Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Galactic, and the Unity 22 Mission Specialists on successfully opening space travel for all mankind," said Ms Hrdlicka.

"I have fond memories as a young girl watching the first moon landing with my parents and I was thrilled to share a similar experience with my husband and sons as the Unity 22 spacecraft exited our atmosphere.

"Sir Richard’s success presents so much hope for all people around the world at a time where we need it most. Hope for humanity, hope for the future and hope to dream big.

"From all of us at Virgin Australia, we congratulate Sir Richard and the Unity 22 Mission Specialists on their groundbreaking achievement, and for continually showcasing the Virgin challenger spirit," she said.

Download Virgin Galactic press assets, here.