22 April 2024 | Customer

Virgin Australia and Special launch the second chapter of Bring on Wonderful featuring team members at the heart of the airline

Monday, 22 April 2024: Following the launch of Virgin Australia’s Bring on Wonderful campaign in 2022, the airline has delivered the second installation of its uplifting brand platform, reflecting a continued commitment to delivering wonderful experiences for all guests, from booking to landing.

Virgin Australia team members at the heart of Bring on Wonderful

The campaign was inspired by Virgin Australia team members demonstrating the ways they go above and beyond to bring joy to the flying experience. Like a viral video of a Perth baggage handler who was filmed talking to a dog before it was loaded into the cargo hold for a flight or a Cabin Crew team member who comforted an infant while continuing in-flight service.  This next chapter of Bring on Wonderful retains the focus on Virgin Australia’s people, but offers a new perspective from the eyes of a young traveller.

Launched this week, the campaign tells the story of a family heading on holiday with their typically reluctant teenage daughter, who is pleasantly surprised by Virgin Australia baggage handlers who unexpectedly break out into a dance, injecting some wonderful into the start of her family holiday.

Continued investment in customer innovation

Over the past 12 months, Virgin Australia has continued to invest in the customer innovation in line with the airline’s Bring on Wonderful brand platform, including the launch of an Australian-airline first baggage tracking technology, Apple Pay and Rapid Rebook – a fully integrated self-service disrupt management tool.  Just last month, Virgin Australia also announced its intention to be the first airline in Australia to operate flights with pets onboard.

Virgin Australia’s ongoing focus on service and innovation has also seen it be awarded Airline Ratings’ Best Cabin Crew for a record sixth year running.

Virgin Australia Chief Marketing Officer, Libby Minogue said “We are thrilled to launch the second phase of the Bring on Wonderful platform, featuring our people, who are at the heart of Virgin Australia.

“It’s wonderful to hero our baggage handlers who have played a significant role in launching our Australian airline-first baggage tracking technology, one of the many customer innovations we have recently implemented.

“We look forward to continuing to deliver uplifting experiences for our guests as we roll out new innovations, underpinned by our award-winning service.”

“Whenever you fly with Virgin Australia, you immediately notice that their whole crew are determined to add joy to your journey," said Nils Eberhardt, GCD at Special. “The aim for this campaign was to take that wonderful personality from the tarmac into Australians’ homes.”

The campaign includes TV, outdoor and digital, and will be in-market for six weeks. Find out more about the mission and initiatives of Bring on Wonderful at  virginaustralia.com/bringonwonderful






Virgin Australia Group

  • Libby Minogue, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Paul Jones, Chief Customer & Digital Officer
  • Ange Grant, Head of Group Paid Media
  • Erina Chapman, Brand Marketing Leader
  • Summer Skelton, Brand Marketing Specialist                         

Special Australia

  • Tom Martin & Julian Schreiber, Chief Creative Officers                          
  • Simon Gibson & Nils Eberhardt, Group Creative Directors       
  • Dave Hartmann, Strategy Partner
  • Tori Lopez, Managing Director
  • Rachel McEwen, Team Lead
  • Greig Carlow, Business Director
  • Brynee Roche, Business Manager
  • Abbie Dubin-Rhodin, Senior Strategy Director                                     
  • Sevda Cemo, Executive Producer
  • Alyce Guy, Senior Film Producer                            
  • Nick Lilley, Head of Stills Production                     


  • Erin Hudson, Group Business Director        
  • Remi Baker, Head of Strategy - Sydney                   
  • Jeremy Hooper, Business Director                                   
  • Riya Thakerar, Planning Director
  • Hugh Davidson, Investment Manager
  • Lauren Sawyer, Planning Manager
  • Lily Trainor, Senior Digital Manager

Production Company - Exit Films     

  • Stefan Hunt, Director
  • Leah Churchill-Brown, Executive Producer
  • Alice Grant, Producer
  • Vanessa Marian, Choreographer

Edit House - ARC Edit

  • Lucas Baynes, Offline Editor
  • Harrison Carr, Assistant Offline Editor
  • Kani Saib, Post Producer - Offline

Post Production - Alt VFX

  • Dave Edwards, Post Production and VFX Supervisor
  • Martina Joison, Post Producer VFX and Online

Music - Sonar

  • Jono Ma, Music Composition
  • Louis Moore, Music Producer

Sound - Rumble Studios

  • Daniel William, Sound Designer
  • Siena Mascheretti, Audio Post Producer

Photography - Pool Collective

  • Ingvar Kenne, Photographer
  • Lauren Simpson, Producer